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Twin Maitreya Statues in Iksan City.


6 months ago

What I want to introduce briefly in this post is the twin maytreya statues of second days of touring in Iksan city.

I noticed the twin buddha statues in Go Do Ri which means the old Capital place.

These statues stood 800m apart crossing the stream and are looking each other.

At first I thought the statues were same looking, but getting closer, I realize they were quite different from each other.

In my guess one looked like male, the other looked like woman.

Suddenly the story came into my mind, it seemed that there was a special legendary story in those strange looking maitreya statues.

It looked a bride and a groom in my guess.

I don’t have much time. I need to go out right now. So let me post more in detail next time.

I will introduce the photos of both statues.

1056A750-DE12-47DE-B377-1868793A2571.jpeg 5F35A911-E0B2-40BD-8E2C-788AFBF2D5B4.jpeg

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