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Tour GeoJae Island with My Aunt and Uncle in This Summer


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Tour GeoJae Island with My Aunt and Uncle in This Summer

It was very hot weather when me and my cousin planed to visit his hometown Busan.
We, me and my cousin, made a plane of getting together my mom and his parent in Busan.
As I had posted several times in previous, my parents’ generation had lived under the influence of the agricultural culture through all their lives.
Even though Korea have lived in the industrial society, they have preserved the sentiment of the agricultural society.

I know my mom and my aunt have missed each other, so I made a plan to meet them together.
When my mom and my aunt got married, our family system was the extended. They had lived in one village together.

As Korea became industrialized, the extended family divided into the nuclear and the family members were dispersed all over the country to get the job.
Of course, our generation also have had a powerful influence from agricultural sentiment.
Me and my younger brother had stayed my cousin's for a month in my summer vacation when I was in high school.
I am still remembering that summer and the beach.
We, four boys, had played by the beach all day long.

My mom and my aunt had talked all day long when they met.
Next day we headed for Geojae Island famous for the beautiful beach scenery.
The island was not far from my uncle’s house.

The way to the port for boarding was so beautiful. Especially the trees were excellent.



Mom and Aunt were happy



Finally we arrived at the port.


Finally we got on the tourist boat.


My mom and aunt had talked and laugh merrily all day long.
That day it seemed that they turned back to their young years.


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