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The Paradise Hall in Tongdo-sa Temple, Korea


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As soon as passing through the 4 heaven kings gate, there was an old building of the paradise hall serving for Amitabha Buddha.

It was unusual those buildings were located near the gate. Usually this kind of the buildings are standing after last gate, the Boolee-moon gate, which indicates the boundary of the main area in Temple.

In Tondo-sa temple there were several halls between the one pillar gate and the boolee-moon gate.
Boolee means ‘no two’ literally. There seem to be several interpretations in this ‘No Two’

Anyway, what I’d like to introduce you is the paradise hall in Korean Keukrak-Jeon.


The paradise hall was very surprised for me.
The explanation board indicated that this hall was built in late Goryeo dynasty 1369 AD in Gongmin King’s reign.
And this building was believed to be repaired in 1801 AD in Choson dynasty.
The local government designated this building as the relics of the local.

But it was strange for me, the paradise hall showed me the same architectural style as Shilla dynasty.
The foundation was made with the stones like as Shilla style




And on the surface of the foundation was covered with ceramic tiles.
It is told that the ground of Buddhist paradise was covered with the ceramic tiles.





The pattern of the ceramic tile was the lotus flower.

It was first time for me to see this kind of foundation among the buildings which had been built in Goryeo dynasty. This style looked like a typical Shilla style architecture.

The cornerstones look like to be made in Choson dynasty



It seemed that the upper surface of the corner stone was not trimmed like other architectures of Choson dynasty.

And the style of the pillar and the eavesdrop was as similar as that of Goryeo and Choson dynasty.



Summing up, this paradise hall seems to have the architectural characteristics of all dynasties which had been existed in Korean history.

One more, I’d like to post on the painting
A painting on the wall was very impressive. It was a painting crossing the river or the sea to the paradise.


The ship was the appearance of the dragon.

The paradise hall in Tongdo-sa was very interesting architecture, and it seems to have all characteristics of all buildings in Tondo-sa tempe.


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