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The Last Hall in Sung Lim Sa Temple, Yeong Won Jeon


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The last place I stopped by in Sung Lim Sa Temple was Yeong Won Jeon where was a place for praying for the deads. What made me interesting was the name of the hall. Usually, the hall for the souls was callled Jijangjeon or Myeong Bu Jeon.

The name "Yeong Won Jeon" could be interpreted as the hall for the fountain place of the soul. The description, the fountain of the soul, was so poetic. Of course, I've never heard that name in other temples.


The pagoda in front of the hall was actually set up for the main hall in this temple, Bo Kwang Jeon. I already posted about the hall, Bo Kwang Jeon, several days ago.

Entering into the hall, Yeong Won Jeon, What I saw were Jijang bodhisattva and the kings in the hell of the Buddhist world. I have explained several times before, it is said that 10 kings judge the sins and the virtues for the deads.

Jijang bodhisattva was placed in the center of the hall, as usual.


The hall, Yeong Won Jeon, was a mixed space for salvation and punishment.
Jinjang is the symbol of salvation, but 10 kings of the hell represent punishment.





We, human, are the existence between the good and the evil. It seems our destiny to walk along the narrow path between the good and the evil.

There were other statues but Jijang and 10 kings. But none of them were special. I left the temple and headed for my final destination on this trip.


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