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Stone Statues in front of The Museum in Tongdo-sa Temple.


10 months agoBusy

There was a Buddhist museum when we crossed the cloud like bridge over the stream.
The museum looked great, and there were so many stone relics in front of the museum.
Unlike other temples, the relics exhibited outside of the temple were the sculptures relating to time.

In oriental ancient Asia, there were 12 time lines in one day. As you know, each time line has its symbolic animal.

There were those animals relating to time line.






There were the stone Haetae on the steps to the museum. Haetae was the imaginary animal in myth of China. Originally this animal meant the law and the Justice in China, but in Korea people believed that those Haetae statue would prevent the fire accident. The meaning of Haetae had been changed in Korea like as the meaning of the dragon.



Near the Haetae stone statues, there were pieces of the stone pagodas.




It was regrettable that taking a photo in the museum was not permitted to protect the relics. There were lots of interesting relics in the museum. If you visit this temple, you need to drop by.


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