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Once Again to Downvoting Warriors, Leave me alone.


8 months ago2 min read

As I posted before, I don't want to be the battleground.
As you already know, @oldstone is my Korean language account.
I am writing essays on the current issues relating to Korea.
I was shaping my idea to write columns in newspapers and journals.
I do not want to be disturbed.

To @ranchorelaxo and @haejin,
Thank you for your upvote, but please don't vote for @oldstone.

To Justice Fighters.
I gave all my voting rights to someone who votes instead of me.
I do not intervene in his voting process.
Actually I don't know whom he votes for.
I do not vote-trading in your definition.
Only I manually vote for some cases who are writing excellent posts.

As I posted before, I am powering down my SP to some amount I can write without being disturbed

My last account@widsomandjustice is a research center.
I'd like to make the research center in Steemit space.
Several people are participating in studying Korean war.
It was my plan to set up an online research center using my SP.
I paid some money to the authors.
Without self-voting, it is impossible to maintain this project.
Now I give up and am powering down SP of this account.
I will use this account non-paid base small place.

Leave me alone, please.


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