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Korean Cuisine in the Beach of the West Sea, Korea


8 months agoBusy

After looking around the port, I took a lunch in a small local restaurant.
Whenever I dropped by the beach village, I always took the fish cuisine.
But in this village I could not find a restaurant for the fish.

2018-11-15 11.46.44.jpg

Their only menu of the restaurant was the soup of the beaf intestines.
It looked simple, but it is really difficult to make this soup tasteful.
In Korean cuisine, the side dishes are so important, but in this soup the side dishes are simple as below.

2018-11-15 11.46.00.jpg

2018-11-15 11.46.25.jpg

2018-11-15 11.46.32.jpg

2018-11-15 11.46.38.jpg

Actually the side dishes seemed not needed in this menu.
I put the rice into the soup and waited for some minutes while the flavor of the soup permitted into the rice.
Then the taste of the rice is changed dramatically.

2018-11-15 11.46.12.jpg

I didn’t post relating on the cuisine for a long time, because I could not find something special menu.
But this beaf intestine soup was really nice.


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