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Decoration and Drawings inside of Bokwangjeon in Sung Lim Sa Temple, Iksan City


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They carved the dragon using the end of Beams and the trusts of Bokwangjeon building. As I posted before, the dragon carving could be interpreted as the hope and the wish for preventing fire. It meant that this hall was fired during the Japanese Invasion 1592-1599.

The fire was thought of as the curse of the devil. So they made the dragon looked dread for the devil to run away.

The dragon looked so realistic and vivid.



It was not a good condition for photographing inside the hall. I needed to open the lens for a long time, so it was not easy to get a clear vision. The tripod was not allowed in the hall.

One thing interesting was drawings on the wall and the ceiling. It looked like dragons and phoenixes on the wall. But I could not identify exactly what those drawings were



On the lower part of the window, the face of traditional god which was called Dokkabi was painted to drive out the devil of the fire


Bokwangjeon hall in Sung Limsa was very unique in its architectural style. In my view, the original building must've been built in Goryeo dynasty in the consideration of the way of setting up this hall on the high place.


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