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Buddhist Apostles in Sung Lim Sa Temple, Iksan


8 months agoSteemit2 min read

Steemit is a very precious tool for accumulating data. Recently my mac book was out of order. I lost my photos what I have taken for 2 years. I did not copy those photos. I was so stupid. But even though I lost raw files, but I could preserve my photos even small size in Steemit.

So I need to travel once again all-around the country once again. I think it must be very tough. But what should I do ? Even though I lost that many photos, my travel for exploring the cultural fountain in Korean history must be continued.

In this post, I'd like to introduce the hall for Buddhist Apostles of 16 persons. There were 16 apostles around Buddha, like 12 apostles near Jesus. Both Buddhist Apostles and Christian Apostles seemed to do the very same role in the development of both religion.

So, there was the independent hall for those apostles in the large temple. In this temple of Sung Limsa, there was the hall for Buddhist apostles.

The center of the hall was the place for Buddha, as usual.


Statues of apostles were quite different from each other according to the atmosphere of the temple. The temple looked same at first glance, but each temple had its own specific atmosphere.

In my guess, this temple, Sung Lim Sa temple, I could feel the relaxation in the form of the statues.





l love the last statue smiling. Smile is the best way to live peacefully on the earth


The teaching of Buddha could be summarized in the one world, smile !.


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