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At the Ruins of Go Dal Sa Temple. Korea


5 months agoBusy2 min read

It was a cold day when me and my mom tried to drive to the ruins of Go Dal Sa temple.
I’ve head of Go Dal Sa temple long time ago. Go Dal Sa temple is so famous for its ruined place.
There are several ruined temple place in Korea. Go Dal Sa is the well known one among them.
I’d tried to visit there for several times, but I couldn’t because of its location where was in the middle of the mountains.

Mom agreed with me to come by the temple. She already knew about the temple.
The ruined place sometime gave us the insight with desolate scenes.
Me and Mom’d like to enjoy those feelings of loneliness in the ruined temple place.

When we got there, it was late afternoon.
There was nothing except several stone structures.



The first stone thing was a water tank
Mom seemed to be interested in that water tank.



The stone foundation was laid on the wide open place
There was nothing on the foundation.
Only the foundation witnessed the glory of the past.


The cornerstones were so impressive, they were well carved.
The deliberately carved cornerstones seemed to tell the scale of the temple building was large and well cared by the dynasty.



Go Dal Sa temple was recorded as the very important in Goryeo dynasty.
It is unknown why this temple was destroyed.
But it must be the catastrophe of the war in Choson Dynasty.
There were two times of War in late Choson Dynasty with China and Japan.


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