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SteemMonsters – We need some more Cards!


4 months agoBusy3 min read

Maybe this is a misleading title, I mean new different cards. Can you remember a few months back when a new one was being unleashed every day and it was interesting and exciting?


I still maintain my stance that the game is stagnant despite what the developers say about my opinion.

The Tournaments

Yes, they are here, and you can even host your own. Have you tried one yet? If not, then you should but set aside some time as the further you get the longer it goes on.

Personally, I only participated in one and didn't do too bad considering I have not levelled my summoners in what seems like ages.


You need to be hanging around your computer for the tournaments; there's no going away for a long shit or even a coffee as you may miss your turn and the game will default the other player the win.

@aggroed told me directly that there are limited resources in the development team and they can only focus on one thing at a time. I do sympathise with them and realise that the tournaments are the current trend but is that what everyone wants or is this just their perception?

I'm seeing more stories from others that they are getting bored with the current game, so I know its not just me. I am still doing the daily quests but took a break for a couple of days after the end of the season.

The day after EOS, everyone is desperate to get into the Silver / Gold /Diamond leagues so wherever you have been demoted too it seems like your facing opposition that it too stiff for your ranking.


I have noticed if you leave it a couple of days, it settles down and you can get FIVE straight wins to get your daily quest rewards again.

The card ‘Rusty Android’ is getting a reputation of being a joke card lately. Oh yes, everyone loves this one.

@revisesociology sent me 50 Rusty Androids a few days back, and as much as I ‘love this card’ I simply had to pass them on to some ‘lucky’ person, this one being @steevc.


Vampire is a card that is more usable than Rusty Android but in terms of value, it's a $0.01 card. We now have several $0.01 cards that are given out as reward cards.

How about making the current lot of Reward cards out of print? That would raise the value for sure and those that had sent those Rusty Androids to @null for a vote may regret it!

If this was the case, then a new lot of replacements would need to be created. If this was done on a 3- or 6-month cycle, it would add so much more life back to the game and bring a fresh feel.

Not all cards can be great and valuable or even that useful, but please let’s see some more variance from the SteemMonsters development team in the next month?

I have been received information that expansions and crafting are two things that will be added to SteemMonsters in the future and I am still upbeat about the game despite this seemingly bleak opinion of it.



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