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Splinterlands Strategies - How to Pre-determine the Rarity of your Cards


6 months agoBusy4 min read

I’m quite sure this has been mentioned before, but probably before I started playing the game.

It sits in my memory somewhere that someone claimed they can.. ‘...see what cards are in a sealed pack without opening it...’.

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If this was the case it would be bad, and I mean BAD.

I know both Alpha and Beta sealed packs sell via the discord channels, and this reminded me of the Magic the Gathering fiasco up to and including the Fallen Empires booster packs where you could see inside without opening them.


…’Push the cards to the top of the pack and through the semi-transparent white wrapper you can make out the names of each card with some perseverance’…

So surely not, or can you?

Well yes and no and apologies if this is old news but I can be a little slow sometimes, and while opening my THIRD batch of 110 packs today due to the overwhelming FOMO subjected to us Steemians I noticed something.


While hovering over the card cards some of them changed and held what I would describe as a ‘tinge’ effect.

A standard set of card backs all look the same, but if you hover over them with your mouse WITHOUT clicking to open them, you will notice some change.


…’Above is a boring pack, the bottom left card is rare and the rest are common. Can you see the faint blue tinge surrounding the card?’…

The bottom left card has the mouse hovered over it. While it doesn’t look very blue, the epic and legendary tinges are much easier to see.


From Left to Right – Regular, Rare, Epic, Legendary.

So it’s not very exciting but if you were not aware of it, well you are now. It works the same for reward cards as well.

What I can tell you is that it won’t let on if you have a ‘Gold’ or ‘Foil’ card. There is no colour or tinge change for these.


…’A very cool pack containing 2 Legendaries and I didn’t have any Legendary potions either’…

When I got down to 2 packs there was something I had to try. I added the pack to the portal; it did all the fancy graphics and presented me with 5 backed cards.

One was an Epic (bottom left). I had to know if this could be exploited and so closed the browser session.


...'There's no guessing which card will be 'Gold' ones. No tinge giveaways'...

On re-opening my browser session, if I still had 2 unopened packs then we have a problem. Fortunately, this is NOT the case, and I had just one pack to open.

So what was the Epic card? I don’t know, but I’m sure it’s been added to my inventory of cards and not lost.

I was just relieved that this was not an exploit and that those unopened packs selling via the Splinterlands Discord channel are not manipulated.

To sum things up. 'You CAN'T see whats inside a sealed digital pack of Splinterlands cards.'


As of now, there are 25,000 packs left. Yesterday at this time it was 31,000. I don't think they are going to last much longer, and we have been told they will not be reprinted.

NEVER REPRINTED, would be better and akin to Magic the Gathering's Legendary, Reserved List.'



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