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SPS funding biz trips & other Steem comedies


6 months ago3 min read

This is the basic premise of our current top trending post. It's been proposed by the guy that developed key chain, but, not for mobile. (WTF)

I find it beyond delusional to fathom sending steem representatives chosen from an elevator pitch contest to conferences around the world with our collective slices of steem pie allocated to fund the growth of our blockchain. Talk about pie in the sky, y'all have lost your ever loving minds thinking smart people in 2020 won't ask to try out this steem stuff on their phone.. Then what?

News flash this "progressive" blockchain hasn't seen fit to support or implement a single decent up to date mobile front end. Mobile design first is essential, but that's been the case for over a decade, and steem still can't grasp this simple reality..

I also want to address a recent idea for a "steem facts" portal (or something) to defend steem's honour online and somehow turn everyone that can copy n paste, into a steem svengali. The responses read like dissertations that can't succinctly answer basic steem stuff in solidarity. In other words, it's all too easy to punch holes in this very precariously positioned platform that can't be properly defined. I even saw veteran steemians in this posts comment section demonstrate that they're not comprehending how the ecosystem works with comments like "how many free upvotes do we get? But we get 2.5 free flags". An attempt to expose the evil economics of flags with a, rhetorical question that wrongly assumed we all get no free upvotes!! So, not even daily users that have been here for years get steem, yet we are going to fund randoms to attend global events and get fed to the wolves!

I also saw a post today that's ridiculing binance for stealing over 19,000 SBD when in actuality steemians were again confused and sent the wrong shit coin to an exchange. Smdh!

I don't have your answers, I'm just a Normie pointing out the obvious shortcomings of a bad business model that hasn't gotten off the ground in over 3 years. Obviously, I'm not a popular steemian as I tell it like it is and that's not good for the ecosystem for some reason. The fact remains this place is far from being approachable or marketable in its current iteration. Maybe we should sort out this SBD disaster first, the powerdown period, the lack of engagement, our reprehensible trending that nobody seems to care to flag anymore, and a litany of other pressing internal issues. Then ask more grounded in reality questions like, how exactly are smts going to save the day ? What was the point of the steem engine (also a mobile disaster) failure and WTF do we do with all those worthless tokens? We have to stop baking pies in the skies..

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