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Speed Drawing: Anatomy study, abdominals


8 months ago3 min read


Hey guys! I have been contaminated by my kids so it´s gonna be a week of low creative output for me. It´s been a while since I have posted one of these, so here is a little anatomy study edited from the depths of my bed.

In this set of sketches I am trying to block in the abdominals. I mainly focus on this muscle group but also draw a bit of the pose and add some fluff to make it look perty. I know they are just quick studies, but I am an artist so why not try to make them look good as well:P

The Abdominals:

Grouping of 8 muscles that, when contracted, pull the rib cage closer to the pelvis. They are surrounded by the Obliques, that help bend the abdomen side to side, & by the Serratus that hold the shoulder blade close to the rib cage.


And here is the time-lapse:

D-tube link
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Material used:

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Kraft Paper:
Fountain pen:
Diamine Ink:
Water Brush:
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Ballpoint Pen:

Recommended book:

Anatomy for the Artist, Sarah Simblet:

That´s it for today, I am gonna dive back in my bed & get better.

Have a nice day,


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