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The most beautiful square in Prague.


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According to the Old City you can walk indefinitely! And every time to see something new! All houses are not alike, each one can stand for a long time, examining curls, turrets, spiers, paintings, bas-reliefs, figures. Make a few steps and again stiffen in amazement from stucco or ornate balcony, from the color of the facade, from the sculptural group , decorating the roof or anything else completely unusual. Go to the Powder Tower, estimate its size and study the figures that adorn it for a long time. And all the time to shoot, shoot, to home to revise this beauty a thousand times and show relatives and acquaintances. But most importantly, what impresses most is the careful attitude of Prague to its history. Old houses are in excellent condition, among the historical buildings there are no ugly skyscrapers and even the Novodels are struggling not to stand out against the background of old buildings. In old Prague it is impossible not to fall in love. I really want to come back here more than once.




The most beautiful square in Prague and the most beautiful in Europe. It has a special atmosphere that envelops you in its history. In the center the monument to Jan Huss, burned by his Protestant ideas, overwhelms you. Do not forget to look at the crosses, on the pavement in front of the façade that overlooks this square of the Old Town Hall (Clock Tower), which commemorates the executions of another 27 Protestants in 1621. Look at the beautiful towers of the Tyn church, in the protestant church of San Nicolás, in the beautiful facades and its plaques, in number 17 the House of the Lamb where Einstein lived, in the nr 2 beautiful house with graffiti, in number 12 the Goltz-Kinskych Palace where in 1948 the rise to power of the communist party was proclaimed from its balconies, in number 13 the House of the Bell of Stone, in number 14 a beautiful Renaissance house, everything you like, baroque facades, porches. And, as not , there are also terraces where you can eat, have a coffee or an ice cream but I advise you to pass by because for two coffees they charged us 16 euros, better get lost in the surrounding streets where prices are better for your pocket.


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