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Great visit to St Vitus cathedral

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8 months agoBusy

One of the most beautiful Gothic Church we saw in Europe for sure is St Vitus Cathedral. The gorgeous Church is located near the Prague Castle and it’s so rich in colors and details that we kind of get lost in our imagination trying to understand how before they could put together such amazing art work.

The building outside it’s already a piece of art, and inside the Golden colors of the columns, ceilings and the many perfect paintings shows an innovative and unique design in architecture. You will need more than one hour for sure inside to see our the many sculptures, paintings and rooms around in details.

There is an entrance fee that you can combine with the same ticket to visit the Prague Castle. This is a must-see for anyone visiting Prague, even if you just walk around the cathedral admiring it from outside.


Spend some time visiting the rest of the castle grounds, including the gardens.

Well worth the visit!

Lovely postcards with the St Vitus Cathedral photo on them are available at the nearby gift shop (very friendly service!).


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