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The Meaning Of The Philosophy Of Water In Life


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There are three very noble philosophies for human life.


1. Water always flows from the high upstream to the lower place

God created water so that people can learn from it. The nature of water that always flows to the lower place is analogous to humility in humans.

Water must be useful for all living beings under it. Like the leader, water is the servant leader. If he is in the top position, then he will be a waiter for the people who need under it.

Water is identical to the leader serving. The purpose of serving leaders is the source of welfare for the people he leads.

2. Water Always Filling Empty Spaces


The good man is the man who tries to fix and fill the emptiness of the heart.
By mimicking the nature of water, we should be helpful to other humans who are in trouble, or are having problems.

If the nature of this second water is really our model, we will always have time to complete human life and will benefit other human beings.
It means that we become humans happy to help and love to share, because our hearts are filled after fulfilling the shortcomings of our brothers.

3. The Water Always Flows Into The Estuary


No matter how far it is from the estuary, the water will surely go and arrive there.
If our water money flows, we should have a vision of life. The main thing that should be emulated from the water lessons to the estuary is his consistent attitude.

Imagine, how many obstacles are traversed by mountain water to reach an estuary? Maybe he'll stop at the river stuck for a rock, then could just go in the elegance.
But in the end he will still flow and arrive at his estuary. The time of water to reach the estuary varies greatly. There are only a few days, and some are up to several weeks.

Keep in mind the most important thing is not the travel time traversed, but how much confidence to get to the estuary, vision or dream that we will reach.

Try and be assured that you can achieve that dream, because if you are in doubt about a vision or goal it can be ascertained the number of failures that you experience.

This is all I can tell my friends.
Hopefully useful and add insight for us all.


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