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Daily Steem Price Update 10/12/2019


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Good day Steemian welcome to today's Steem price update for 10/12/2019.
I have been posting the Steem price update since almost the very beginning of
Many have came here to discuss the daily Steem price's and changes for over 3 years now.

I also want to mention incase your wondering that when something doesn't seem normal from the other regular "Price Updates" that the daily Steem price posts do occasionally change their format from time to time.

But regardless of changes we will carry on as usual and by this I mean knowing the price of Steem as it's important for your daily plan or strategy.
And even if you are not planing to do anything with your Steem I still recommend checking out these updates and so keeping an eye on the price.
So without further ado lets take a look at today's Daily Steem Price change for 10/12/2019.

Should you be trading with Steem today...?



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Congrts we reached the 7500 SP mark meaning we have the 2nd Dolphin badge. To celebrate I brought and powered-up another 10-SP to get us on our way to Double Dolphin. I have not powered-down once since starting Steem 3 years ago so lets "lock-up" more Steem and retain it's value with any extra upvote's to get us on our way to Double Dolphin at 10000 locked SP it's appreciated. So was Black Friday the madness my boss expected it to be?........nope! Once again most of the staff were left for hours with nothing to do as there were many of us in and the tasks were completed fast. I want to point out that I'am not complaining as it was nice to have the staff in to handle any demands. Plus from what I understand this year nobody got sent home early. We expected Saturday may actually be busier than the Friday but I think it was about the same. I worked the Sunday and so glad I didn't have to be in for the early and in the end it was the Sunday that ended up being the busiest day lol. Anyway Steem had been going up slightly.. well until Nov 22th when it fell to $0.10. This marked the new lowest for Steem this year and seems to be the fault of Bitcoin falling to around $6580!! But dam such a nice opportunity to buy cheap Steem which for me is a problem at the moment. I'am not sure what is going-on but my payments keep getting declined. I don't know if this as something to do with an update on the exchange or my bank card. My betting is this problem as something to do with an update from the exchange. I managed to escape work early on Thursday and so decided to use that extra time to try and understand why I keep getting my payments declined. As those who deal with the payments basically wont give me a clear answer.. which is honestly just very frustrating. I contacted the exchange to see if there was any changes or updates that could cause such a problem, not only did I learn the exchange had nothing to do with the issue but I found their customer service to be much more friendly and actually helpful then those who deal with the payments. And so I decided to contact my bank to which they first said there should be no reason for the bank to decline my payments. The woman from the bank confused as to why my payments would be stopped said she would look into the matter further for me. Once again even my bank were atleast trying to help me. And so the lady contacted me back saying they are trying to process the order but it's the company selling the crypto who are blocking my card?! Anyway with Bitcoins I believe it was on October 26th when it reached $10000 as it had been mostly stuck between $7850 and $8350 but since then Bitcoins feel surprisingly fast to $6580! Since Nov 29th Bitcoins recovered somewhat and is seen mostly around $7300. The SBD price also dropped along with Steem and Bitcoins but since the Bitcoin recovery and fall we have not seen much change in the SBD price but at the moment it does seem to be dropping slowly.

NEW-STEEM Bringing SMT's.

Steemit INC continue to work on bringing SMT's and communities, the team are not far off it's scheduled release, infact it's development is now done, also in it's "review state" it didn't show the need for any major additional work so it's looking very positive. If your curious the whitepaper is still the most authoritative reference for understanding what SMTs can and can't do but it is also a very technical paper. That is why the best way to think of it all is like giving users the ability to create their own Steem-like-tokens. You can set a token's emissions rate for your SMT and also the emission rate's can change over time if specified in the formula. Remember that the formula is locked in consensus so you can’t change it once the SMT has been launched. There will be some things not included in version-1 of it's release like for example "powerdowns" but I believe it will come with the ability to powerdown at 13 weeks, but all this along with other options can be added and changed in future. For example needed added changes could be integrated using your own Hardforks of the created token this can include new features not even possible yet on the Steem Blockchain. In the end basically SMTs are leveraging the same Steem coding. You could recently test out Steem communities in the new Steem BETA that was open for everybody to test, but since then it seems it's passwords have been changed if you are in just please be aware anything you post on the BETA site will be posted on Steemit and unfortunately with some strict whales out there it's best to be careful. It's silly really testing I mean you want to test the site out and it's features yet you have to beware of some whales down-voting you. Steemit INC have also been busy with Platform Independent State Files which is a great way for increasing the level of decentralisation and even dramatically reducing the downtime on the exchanges. With Platform Independent State Files it makes it easier to move databases into a format that is consistent across many platforms. What matters is whether or not information has been independently verified and we need this as just because code is executed by a decentralised network doesn't mean you can trust it. See as soft consensus is code that is stored on a distributed ledger "like say Steem" and so this decentralises the code enabling anyone to verify that it is indeed being executed properly. Like this Steem reduces the cost of Soft Consensus to a fraction of what it would be on any other chain which is great for applications. Also if your a business or interested in marketing and finding a community of active users thanks to Steemit INC and their advertising partner "BuySellAds" anyone who wants to purchase ad space on the website may also do so now. Steemit INC are also involved in the burning of Steem, as right now alot of extra Steem is floating around because of the SBD conversions, but some of the gained rewards also goes towards the SteemDAO.

Always do your own due diligence the above is only a opinion.



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