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Who won the 2018 Steem round for the 5 minute counting challenge?


2 months agoSteemit2 min read

Hello Steemsilvergold, last week i released a video where i challenged the great community of stackers that we are to see who could count to the highest possible number in 5 mins dead for no reason at all other than i had nothing else to post about. Never the less, the winner was offered a 2018 Steem silver round as reward and each member that took part is now a dedicated member on the community discord server. So, we had 3 entries was is ok to be honest in this climate and the fact that not alot of people like making video are whatever.

First off there was @willsparks88 with his video, click here, he got upto 329 numbers, great attempt. I heard someone at the ned of the video, they were going to try it, haha. Class.
Next up there was an entry from @lavanyalakshan, you can click here to cehck that out, she gave herself a 20 head start for some reason, pretty good video, your voice started to sound like a humming noise as you flew through the numbers, she got a total of 356 - 20 = 336.
Last up is @welshstacker who is the current fastest penny counter in the world click here He got it to a tee and even had a breathing technique down and everything. He prepared for that, he came prepped, he got in with a plan and destroyed it with a total of 429. That's a total of 1152 syllables that works out to 1.43 words per second are 3.84 syllables, pretty quick. It was actually 418 but im dont going back to redo them numbers, they are close enough, baa-hahahaha.

So well done @welshstacker, you have another one to add to your collection. DM me your impossible to pronounce address and i'll get it posted on the morrow for you good sir.

#Proud memebrs of #Steemsilvergold


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