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The Silver to STEEM ratio from STEEM was released - Charts includes


6 months agoSteemit2 min read

Hello folks, as promised here is the Silver to STEEM ratio for the past 3 years. I wrote a post a couple of days ago about the silver to STEEM ratio. It does really main everything and im not trying to make a big point about it are anything, i just like stats and this was interesting to produce. The ratio has been a rollercoaster from STEEM was launched and it has pretty much done full cycle.

This chart shows the spot price of Silver and STEEM. Please note that these prices were taken from the 1st of each month, 3 months apart and all time highs may not be included.

Here is the chart including the Silver to STEEM ratio. We can see that STEEM's came out swinging going from releasing at a ratio of 1 to 35 and then jumping to a ratio if 1-8 with a big jump in it token price. Things went pretty bad after that with a price crash and the ratio went to over 1-140. It stayed like this for a few months and then the 2017 bull run happened bringing to ratio down to under 1-3 at one point. Since then, it's been a slowly painful decline with STEEM being down 98% from its all time high of $8.57. Yes, STEEM is down 98% from its peak. Mind blowing!!!

Anyways, i hope you enjoyed the post. I will not be running out any time seen to convert silver into STEEM but it's interesting to look into such things. I might convert some fiat in STEEM and take "another" gamble that this is the bottom of the market.


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