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2019 UK STEEM silver round group buy - Now collecting payments


8 months agoSteemit3 min read

Hello folks. IT'S 2019 UK Silver STEEM round Group Buy TIME!!!!

I released a post 1 week back to see if there would be any interest in users from the UK getting involved in a silver STEEM round group buy. Below is a list of users that have seen the post and decided to support the project and get some awesome shiny 1oz silver bullion rounds in the process. Silver is an excellent investment and im 100% sure everyone will be happy with what they get, i already look forward tot he unboxing posts :)

Time to do the pre-buy?

Now that we have a group of interested users, we proceed to collecting payments. When all payments are collected, i do the buy and make a post as a show of proof. Last week it was guessed that each round would cost £25ish. A week has passed and the price of silver, STEEM and dollar to pound have changed a little so that's work out the final price that everyone will pay.

Each coin costs - $24.50
Import taxes - $4.90 per coin
Duty fee - $0.80 per coin
Shipping is $35 - $35 divided by 25 coins is $1.40 per coin

Price of each STEEM round is $31.60

Using transferwise which offers a much better exchange rate than paypal are the bank, we can see that each round will cost £26.18 with a locked in price for the next 37 hours.

Ways to pay - Price per coin

  • Paypal the money by clicking on the link
  • Transfer 194 STEEM per round to @silverstackeruk
  • Transfer 0.003149 BTC to 1DtFjAi3maRXCsB7aZKQuKPPF7UzpwH6Xy

UK to UK postage service will be at the buyers request and paid for by the buyer when postage address is collected

2019 UK group buy Table

UserAmount RequestedPaid

Thank you to everyone that is taking part. I love doing these group buys every year and look forward to them. I cant wait to see everyone unboxing posts and video's

Once all payments are received i go ahead and process the order. When all 1500 STEEM rounds are sold, i will write a post tagging everyone that they will be shipped soon and the start arranging UK to UK postage


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