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"The beach today"

5 days ago

Hey, friends! This is my latest painting named The beach today. I am from Bulgaria. This place called Sinemorets is at the Black Sea Coast. A beautiful town to spend your vacation. This year the place looks more empty. I named the painting "The beach today". The blue sea waves fascinated me, so I decided to paint them. They look so nice with those incredible turquoise color.I tried to put the background first. This makes the steps of finishing more easy. I painted the sky and waves first. At the end I put the foam, and the umbrella. This element makes the painting more cute I think maybe because of the natural materials from which it is made.
I used a photo from @manoldonchev and I want to thank him for his support.I think I owe him a case of beer for using the photos.😀




Best regards.


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