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Samsung unveils Galaxy S20


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Samsung Electronics introduces the Samsung Galaxy S20, a new series of premium mobile devices that fundamentally change the way content is created. The new Galaxy S20 camera architecture combines artificial intelligence with Samsung's largest image sensor for superior content quality.


A new way to create content
Today, like never before, people tell stories from their lives through photographs. In this regard, the camera becomes an important factor when choosing a new smartphone for them. Designed with the lifestyle of modern users in mind, the Galaxy S20 has a new camera system powered by artificial intelligence and the largest sensor Samsung has ever released.

Ultra High Quality Frames - The larger photo matrix on the Galaxy S20 delivers ultra-high resolution cameras for enhanced detail, post-processing, cropping and zoom capabilities. S20 and S20 + are equipped with main cameras at 64MP, S20 Ultra - at 108MP. Among other advantages - the ability of the sensor to pick up more light, which makes the image more saturated even in low light conditions. A dynamic transition from super high resolution 108MP to 12MP mode is available on the S20 Ultra thanks to the technology of merging nine pixels into one at the level of the photosensor.

Unrivaled zoom capabilities - Space Zoom - a combination of hybrid optical zoom and digital zoom using AI - allows you to zoom in on your subject, even if it's very far away. Users are available with a 30x zoom on the Galaxy S20 | S20 + and 100x zoom (100x Space Zoom) on the S20 Ultra due to the revolutionary lens system and AI-based multi-image processing technology to avoid quality loss.


Music - The Music Share function allows you to connect your device via Bluetooth to a car stereo or speakers through another user’s connection to the Galaxy S20. 2

Video chat in Google Duo - On the Galaxy S20, chatting with your loved ones is easy and simple. Just click on the Duo button in the Phone application to start a video call in FHD quality. Google Duo is compatible with all operating systems, which allows you to chat in chat with any subscribers. You can connect up to 8 participants to an online conversation at the same time, and a wide-angle 1080p FHD camera ensures that, for example, all family members fit in the lens.
YouTube - Thanks to Samsung’s partnership with YouTube, 8K videos can be downloaded from your smartphone directly to the video service.

Games - Gamers get the highest refresh rate and very smooth gameplay thanks to a 120 Hz display. This spring, Forza Street3 from Samsung, Microsoft’s partner, will be available on the Galaxy Store for the first time on mobile devices. Combined with a fast processor, 8/12 GB of RAM4, AKG audio settings and Game Booster, which optimizes settings for maximum performance in the background, the Galaxy S20 has powerful gaming capabilities.


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