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Diana Quick Sketch


6 months ago2 min read

More experimentation with techniques using Clip Studio. This time just started with a quick pastel sketch of a female figure plus sword... took about 2 minutes.

Note, I went back later and added those pen lines to show the separation of clothing and skin. Then I made a separate layer of color blocks over the pencil.

Again, only took about two minutes.

After that, just set the pencil layer as the reference layer. Then I used the auto-color feature to automatically render the color layer. Then I hid the first two layers and did some massaging of the new layer that was auto-colored. Massaging = The original was faint and washed out like watercolors, but it defaults to a multiplier layer, so I just duplicated the layer to double up the color intensity. Then just used the smudge tool to even out the lines. Took about five minutes.

Final image is pretty simple, but quick and kind of artsy looking. Mostly I'm just having fun playing with the auto-color tool. I think that if instead of rough pastels I used actual completed, detailed inks the final image would look much better. I'm just too lazy to take that risk.

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