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England won the tiebreaker!


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History says that going to a match in England means that they are guaranteed to rate their rates. There is no word on the World Cup! But this year's World Cup tiebreaker - how to overcome the scary Cheshtti champions
Gary Lineker's memories were very reminiscent of that match. Semifinals of the 1990 World Cup Taking great pride in the service of the World Cup in the last four of the tournament, they also lost the tiebreaker against the German - unfortunate. From that started a curse! After that, 28 years have passed. England could not spend the nose

The curse of the curse is the tiebreaker. Going to England's match-tiebreaker means ensuring the opponent's win. After the 1990 World Cup in 1998, the second round against Argentina and the quarter-finals of the 2006 World Cup against Portugal. The same result Going into the tiebreaker, England's World Cup-ending dream When England made another World Cup match against Colombia in the tiebreaker, then what was the optimistic people looking at history? But Harry Cain, Jordan Picford's new day, brought England's history completely under its control. In the moment of the time added to the time of the game, the victorious England, the fairytale era tiebreaker-good luck!

However, in the last 28 years of the Euro and the World Cup, six times in a tiebreaker went empty handed. In this curse, the 'golden generation' of Gerard-Rooney-Wayne-Beckham-Ferdinand-Cole-Lampard-Scholes was not able to win anything.

Troubleshooter burns the burden of England coach Gareth Southgate better than anyone who understands! The gentleman himself played at the same time in the England national team. Hara Semifinal match against Germany in 1996 was also played in the tiebreaker, and the tiebreaker had missed the penalty, the current England coach. The English did not win the Missi service..


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