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Speak A Good Words or Remain Silent


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Silence is one of the great virtues of human beings. This habit is a special principle to survive on the danger.


In the life of the world, man is in danger of being created by himself and most of them are associated with his words. Besides, there is the evil of the hereafter.

When a person refrains from evil and nonsense, he will be saved from destruction.
The reality we see is that when someone speaks too much unnecessarily, he is not just talking nonsense. On the contrary, he is involved in many kinds of wrongdoing. Those who talk more are more likely to slander people. Subconsciously, they may gossip about many people and this gossip-slander often brings disgrace to someone. Sometimes the relationship between two people is ruined. Sometimes quarrels also arise. As a result, social peace, order and harmony are disrupted. This act is socially highly condemned and a heinous injustice.

Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) said,
"He who remains silent is released."

People have never been after the surrounding dangers to remain silent.
There is a risk of danger if the tongue is not used properly or not handled properly. Sometimes it may be impossible to get out of such a situation.

Silence has been given importance in almost all nations.

There is a nice Egyptian proverb about silence,
"If noise is made of silver, silence is made of gold."


The Arabic proverb is also great,
"You only talk when it's better than being quiet."

  • Why is silence so important?

Because the sins associated with the tongue are ruining our good deeds and can change the world with bad deeds.

Now let us know the poetic sins caused by the tongue

  1. To lie
  2. Giving false testimony
  3. Swearing falsely
  4. Gossip
  5. Slander
  6. To curse
  7. Peg

Much of what we talk about throughout the day is seen as unnecessary and full of lies and gossip. But every word that comes out of the mouth is being recorded.

Allah the Almighty said,

"He has a watchman on hand to record whatever people say." (Surah Qaf: 16)

It was seen on the Day of Judgment that the scale of sin is heavier than our virtue.

Surprise! I have never harmed anyone, I have never wronged anyone, then why this situation? Then the answer will come,

"These are the fruits of your sin out of your mouths."

That is why the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said,

"Most people will go to hell because of the sin committed by the tongue." (Tirmidhi: 1817)

So your words can do anything. It can bring good or bad things. It's up to u.

What to do then? The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) also solved it.

Talking less is indicative of intelligence and knowledge. The one who speaks less, he can save himself from many kinds of useless things. It is also possible for him to avoid various sins such as backbiting, slander, lying, obscenity, etc.
we should shut our mouth from the unnecessary words.

"Whoever believes in almighty and the Last Day, let him speak good words or be silent." (Mishkat H / 4243)

A person's action should be a habit of controlling the tongue, a habit of not lying, a habit of not engaging in nonsense .....

Can we control our tongue?
Or is the tongue controlling us ??

The question remains to you.

Thank u
Stay home, Stay sanitized


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