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Your education is the best version of you

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2 months agoeSteem

Often you will break your heart more than you love your career and your career, which you have always dreamed of reaching out to .. and often you will be misunderstood by those who have done well. You will do a lot of good and do not get back to you, and often you will strive and then excel someone who is not worth until you lose your link for a moment .. Yes.

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You will often be frustrated by the rules that convinced you that they are fixed. You will continue to be depressed, sad and shocked until you understand that the only rule of the world is education. Your education is the best version of you. Everything that happens to you may not be fair to human calculations, but it is necessary to grow. It is necessary to play a role that would not have been played if it had not gone through what I passed ... 👌


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