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1x WINNER'S announcement of the Beta Gold Rusty Android card Giveaway winner #210 👊 No Upvote, No Resteem, No Follow Required!


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Thank you to all that entered my contest, I truly appreciate it. Occasionally I will bring back the sneaker draw do to some that really enjoyed them. I also like to show off my collection of sneakers from time to time. So here is the 203rd win from my 203rd video......

The Winner/Winner's of the Beta Gold Rusty Android card is @cjturtleman with lucky #45

Congratulations, I'll be sending your card over asap.... Thanks again

Contest link:

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Also I am and will always be a proud member and founder @dosdudes with @dkid14 but I just want to keep giving more back to this community that I have grown to love. Also a proud member and founder of the @contestkings with @o07 and @dkid14. Many more giveaways and contest with all of us. The future is now and we are proud to be here on Steemit and will never leave this community and never stop giving back.

If you would like to be apart of the @contestkings discord as well, here is the link:
We have so many things that are coming soon, so don't miss out on being part of our community.....

Always remember one thing about our giveaways and contests, we @dosdudes and @contestkings are firm believers in 👊 No Upvote, No Resteem, No Follow Required!

Strive for the Best.......

God Bless......


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