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wikileaks - podesta - clinton and the way it goes you see.


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So I was just looking at Podestas emails, and 1 jumped out at me.

I am looking for certain keywords regards to the whole pizza thingy, as I have seen his art collection now, and sort of understand as best you can without being as sick in the head, how he comes to run around in the circles he does.

One particular email stands out from a certain Rahul Purbey, and note as yet I have made no searches regards to this seemingly powerful individual, that can write emails telling or suggesting Hillary Clinton how to run her presidential campaign bid in 2016.

I want to start off with the end of his email, as it shows you how stupid they/he think voters are.

Please go through the above and take whatever suggestions you find useful bcoz people make their decisions based on what is said in debates/interviews rather than looking at the whole picture.

Interesting spelling of because, I guess he texts a lot!.

Now I am going to lay out the whole email, and use a disclaimer that this information is open and free source & the link to this email I shall provide, also I have used said information according to fair use from a public place named the internet.

I shall be interpreting some of the suggestions also below.


Here are some suggestions that I have for your campaign which might be really useful :

1.) In any debate/interview, she will always be asked a question about Wall Street/ Benghazi etc. With regards to Benghazi, she has to talk about how the candidate for speaker for US house of reps said in an interview to Fox news about “how they set it up”. Regarding Wall Street, she should counter by asking if they have any real/ concrete proof as to how she benefited from giving speeches to them or how Wall Street benefited. She should remind them of the speech in 2007 for Take Back America, how she planned to take on corporate greed and reduce income inequality.

^Somehow that leaves me with little to say above, it is blatant enough as to where he was heading with that. ^

2.) Bernie Sander’s plan to make tuition free for college students is impractical. She can say that young voters in their twenties would be very disappointed when they find out that his plan is not feasible at all. (he is misguiding young voters.)(even Bill Maher his fan has reservations about it.) Instead, she can lay out her plan about how she can make college more affordable and that students of rich backgrounds should pay fees. Tuition is also very important as it pays the teaching and non teaching staff, funds research opportunities and bcoz of these, the US university system is one of the best in the world. Without funds, the US university system would collapse and millions of teaching jobs would be lost and US would lost its competitive cutting edge research.

Spending less on weapons and war would pay for that and a hell of a lot more do you not think?......

3.) His plan for universal health care will negate the immediate benefits of PPACA and its benefits will not reach people who need it most urgently. First priority is to take ACA to each and every individual and then maybe think about universal health care. Also talk about how you plan to reduce physician shortage bcoz millions of Americans don’t get healthcare when they need it.

No comment or same as my second.

4.) She should explain how by increasing taxes on the wealthy, she would be able to create more good jobs or high end jobs, which would match the interests of the fields in which students have graduated. Talk about wage increase.

Talk is cheap and it never happens, the only tax cuts are for corporations as most people are well aware.

5.) Talk about the decaying infrastructure and how you intend to reform it. Plan on increased funding to the EPA and national parks bcoz they support a lot of jobs in the tourism sector. Want to keep America beautiful and show it the world.

Again talk is cheap.

6.) If asked about TPP, you can ask them about which clause/line in the TPP would result in job losses to the US. You could say that we would be exporting a lot of goods to countries in the TPP that rely on China, and like China become a major exporter of goods. This will create a lot of jobs and we would be able to compete with China.

Mr Trump ran on the opposite side of the fence saying he would abandon it, he won, he did, out of touch with reality or what.

7.) The fact that other countries are stealing our jobs is false. They are creating their own jobs. Its time for us to create our own new jobs so that we can export and support families. We live in a global economy. Isolated countries like North Korea don’t do well.

For once he seems to tell the almost truth.

8.) The debt crisis and austerity is a myth perpetuated by the Republicans to transfer money to the wealthy. The more the government spends on people, the more wealth they have, the more likely are they to spend, the more the demand for goods and services and more jobs will be created and this cycle keeps on repeating and in the end reduces the debt.

With every dollar produced being Fiat, he is talking out of his backside, as debt can never be repaid, as there is never enough money to repay it.

9.) Progressive values are not the propriety of a single person. The fact that over time people will not change their views is itself regressive. Progressivism means being able to change the hearts and minds of millions of people and bring them into the progressive fold. Can’t achieve this by offending people or staking claim to those values alone. A true progressive shall be pragmatic and achieve his/her goals by taking all sections of the society in unison and getting things done. Its not about making impossible promises. Can give examples of progressive people in the 20th century who got things done like Eleanor Roosevelt. You can use others.

By progressive I think he may actually mean being leftist yes?....

10.) Mr. Sanders likens himself to FDR and says that the tax rate on the most wealthy was 90%. People think that the rich gave 90 % of all their wealth. You can do a fact check on this, and I think that they paid 90% on a particular income bracket above their average income. But surely check before you do this.

No comment.

11.) Talk about how the problem about minorities is a systemic problem. It’s not only about incarceration and crime, but also about how in inner city areas they are closing down hospitals, public transport and housing to make way for commercial property like Donald Trump. This is about racism and this is also about the basic rights of any human being and should not be denied to anyone regardless of color. (Flint water crisis) Talk about voter suppression, striking down of voting rights act which was a fundamental act, the fake IRS scandal, how the republicans have wasted American people’s time and cheated them, how the Supreme Court cleared ACORN of any wrongdoing but the Congress managed to close it down. Constant injustice being meted out to weaker sections of society.

No comment, not my field.

12.) The thing that Sanders and Trump talk about going back is very regressive. It means that racism and economic inequality are very good things. The essence of America is always moving forward taking the good things that we have accomplished so far with us into the future and working hard to add our own progressive achievements to enrich it. That is Progressivism.

Leftist again.

13.) A true progressive should change his opinion on guns. Take a look at European and Scandinavian countries.

I see he wants to ban guns.

14.) Scandinavian nations are different from the US. They are not very diverse, don’t need a strong military to protect them, net migration is very low and US advancements and military(NATO) even today help these countries. To be at the top of the world, we do not need to follow these nations blindly, but make our own unique plans. We take a lot of burden than them eg. Refugees and therefore we can take inspiration from them but in our own unique way. Also US is the 3rd most populated country in the world.

No comment.

15.) People have this opinion that Hillary Clinton looks very reserved and prepared. Personally, I don’t feel that way. When an audience member asks you a question, you can always step forward, make eye contact and answer the question. When asked potential make or break questions, don’t answer in YES/NO even if the question demands it. You can always begin by saying LOOK/ something related and then go on to the answer.

Did she do any rallies? I know Trump did, but she seemed to do only a few small rooms every couple of months?...

16.) Do a fact check on Mr. Sanders and talk about it on the debate. You could even take a copy about those. He voted yes for the Balkans War. That war could have gone wrong too. Before going to war, nobody knows what the consequences will be. You voted for the Iraq war in national interest bcoz you thought they had weapons of mass destruction. They could have used those weapons on us. The US is a major player in foreign policy all around the world. A robust and stable foreign policy is the need in this global economy, Without it, the US would lose its dominance and become isolated.

Slander the man?.....

17.) A politician who is in the government for 20 or more years is part of the establishment too. If one is so anti establishment, why did he work with the establishment, which means he compromised.

He compromised lol, Maybe baby.

18.) American people need an inspirational message from a Presidential Candidate. Think about what message can attract young people: You could talk about how you intend to reduce global warming, Create research facilities and jobs in the field of green technology, Revive NASA which represents US’s technological superiority all over the world, Invest in research in STEM fields and all other scientific fields which has been reducing due to the austere measures of Congress. Scientific and technological advancements are the reason why America is a great country. Fund museums and talk about how every kid watches NGC and Discovery Channel and feels great about America. I am very concerned about this election. People are emotionally charged, they don’t think rationally. She have to make them realize that a rational decision is the best decision emotionally. The Republicans are attacking her bcoz they know that they will lose if she wins the candidacy.

No comment.

I find it a very intriguing look into politics and the way they put their own slant on things.

Let me know your thoughts below, the full link to this article is here please take care if you look, as it is on wikileaks.

Image from pixabay, and @shepz1 is off to make some food for the tribe, hope I find you all fit and well.


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