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Adolescent girls, 13 more personal workers


11 months agoBusy

A few months ago, an advertisement started with social media. It was said in the advertisement that the owner needs to get the worker to wake up!

But for whom the advertisement was, the question was sarogaram..

It is known that the daughter of an Indian millionaire has just been admitted to the university. He does not have any kind of difficulty, that is why so organized!
The girl has stepped down at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. Duke and Duchess of Cambridge William and Kate were once students of this university. But at the same time William was still very much like five people. So many people are shocked to organize such a program for the Indian millionaire-daughter.

The first year student of the university has always used luxurious life. Do you have to leave him for studying at the university? It's not a matter of a few months! I have to spend four full years at the university. But to stay with the classmates to share the house! Even yourself will have to do their own work!


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