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Easy Button Syndrome

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“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” – Thomas Edison

There is a very simple reason that most people don’t find any success…it is because they don’t want to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty. For many the words “hard work” are what they are striving hard to avoid as they spend their days chasing easy cash and getting “something for nothing.” If you spend any time in the “make money online” community you will see countless adverts for one short-lived program after another which all promise massive financial rewards for little financial investment.

These programs exist because they fill the need of the lazy and the work-shy who all want something for nothing and they are short-lived because they simply don’t work. You are better off buying a weekly lottery ticket if this is your mentality but most of us want a little more certainty in our lives than the odds of becoming a lottery millionaire.

If you are relying on luck to find success then you are wasting your time because luck has nothing to do with success. Instead you want to make the most of the opportunities which come your way and which you grab with both hands and work on until you get the success you desire. Will you have to work hard to turn opportunity into success? You can bet your life you will and that is why opportunity is often dressed in overalls and looks suspiciously like work.

But the hard work will pay off because work brings rewards and as you are the boss you can choose the work you want to do. As long as it is something you enjoy in an area you feel passionate about then the hard work will be pleasurable and you will actually seek out more and more of it.

So dig deep into your inner resourceful self and come up with a plan of action both to seize opportunity when it comes your way and to actively seek it out if it is not in your neighborhood. Nobody wants to give you something for nothing and nobody will value you unless you first find a way to add value to their lives.


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