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Vital Look to the City


5 months ago2 min read

Our relationship with the supermarket in the size of toilet paper was spontaneous. The closest place around our house is a small neighborhood store. From there, only the bread and the size of the newspaper in the direction of the guests coming home.

If you are entering the market with the child, he inevitably needs to know how to eliminate his wishes. There is almost no consumption here into the life of the city. There is a pedestal in the city so you can shop at the market.

It's like we're doing this in our daily routine. Milk slices, lollipops, jellybeans and the most cruel chips. We've forgotten almost all of it here. A friend of mine recently told me to take chips on my way to town when I went to her.

I took my own nuts and nuts, and the chips that I loved so much in the time seemed poison to me, I didn't even touch my hand. After a while the body also began to think that he does not accept harmful things.

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