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Discoverer Natural look of Canada "Lake Of Little Fishes And Peyto Lake"


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Lake Louise (Alberta)

The lake which is blue in color the color is from the melting of ice water coming through rocks,The best time to visit those lakes are in the summers, because in summer the glaciers melt and they fill these lakes and the color is attractive. The hiker love to visit Louise mountains that is best place for the hikers , Many hikers visit it there are resorts and too many facilities.

Some pictures which exploring the real look of the lake and the color.the mountain around the lake are full of ice and those ice rocks melt to form water and these water flows thought the rivers later on.




Peyto Lake

The lake lies in the canadian rocks ,Lake is in the valley Of the Waputik range. The lack Water normally comes from the glaciers near the lack the rock flour slides to the lack and in the summer it melt and form these streams.

The view on the lake is very loving and the natural beauty and the color of the water is very clean and bright, the water looks like you are in heaven. The water outflow on the northwest side from the lake and it continue the stream and meet at a certain region where it is forming some rivers their is a junction of almost 5 to 6 lakes.

The sight from the top is very attractive for the tourist, tourist visit this place to see the natural beauty and the freshness of this place which is tremendous and attractive.The blue color is the beauty of this lake,looks like a blue sheet on the surface of earth.



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