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Starter Pack Experiment Status Update - Daily Rewards / Card Sales / League Status


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Starter Pack Expirament Status Update - Daily Rewards / Card Sales / League Status


  • Status: Silver 2
  • Daily Reward Highlights: Divine Sorceress
  • Cards Sold: 4
  • Card Sold Value USD: $.24
  • Cards Bought: 0

I am playing for the daily rewards, and waiting until I have enough money to buy enough cards to level a few up. With the reduced rewards it is going to be a long time, unless I sell the two Golds I have or Legendary Sacred Unicorn. I am really unsure what path to take to build this team. It is going to be a very long time before I can level up any summoners, As we all know, until you level them up, there is no point in leveling up other cards. I will have to really rely on one splinter for a while.

Highest League Status

Daily Reward Cards

1.15.19 Daily Rewards

senstlessmonster reward 1.15.19b.JPG

1.16.19 Daily Rewards
senstlessmonster 1.16.19.JPG

senstlessmonster reward 1.17.19.JPG

Total Collection

Starter Pack

Reward Cards

Card Sales

I have sold a total of 4 cards.
4 Creeping Ooze for a total

  • USD: $0.24
  • STEEM: .729
  • SBD: 0


With the reduced rewards - the economics of building a good team from just the starter pack will be much harder. The prospect of getting enough cards to sell to earn $0.70 to get even the cheapest summoner to just level 2 will be longer than I though. Depending on the reward cards, I might have 1-2 by the end of the season, we will see.

On a side note. I have played way too much - so I had to delegate from my other account just to keep the games rolling. Totally my fault trying to level up a bit. I am now mostly playing on the the daily quest until I get my limited RC's built back up.

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