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Season Rewards and @senstlessmonster account updates - Basic Card Pack Experiment Udpate


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Account update - Starter Deck Experiment

I started this account with just the basic starter pack. I did transfer in the following level 1 cards for the first few days.

  • Rusty Android
  • Highland Archer

These may have allowed me to win an extra game or two, but are infrequent cards in my lineups. These cards were all sent back today, bringing this account back to the starter pack plus reward cards only.

Rewards List -

  1. Hobgoblin
  2. Creeping Ooze
  3. Rusty Android
  4. Sea Genie
  5. Wood Nymph
  6. Sea Genie
  7. Phantom Solider

Season Rewards - I made it to the Silver League!!

senstless monster.JPG
senstlessmonster 1-10 1.14.19.JPGsenstlessmonster 11-20 1.14.19.JPGsenstlessmonster 20-25 1.14.19.JPG

Great Cards - Highlights

  • Naga Fire Wizard
  • Gold Wood Nymph
  • Gold Pirate Archer
  • Sacred Unicorn

Here is the breakdown in details

senstless monsters rewards recap.JPG

This brings the entire team to 32 basic card units from reward cards.

  • No Purchases yet
  • No won cards yet (Steem Post Giveaways)
  • No sales yet

Other Updates

I am going to wait for my daily challenge until later tomorrow until I hopefully make it back to silver. I would rather set the clock back 12 hours than only get 1 reward card after the rest. Its a risk but one I feel good with. This post will take all my VP for days, so I will be back with an update towards the end of the week, if anyone is actually reading these.

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