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A new account, tracking the process playing monsters with only a starter deck. How young can you start kids?


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Who Am I ?

This account was created to trial the account creation process and investigate how well you could play on just the starter deck of monsters. It was also a good chance to play around with transferring cards. I am considering buying my kids a deck, but think they might be a bit young at 5 & 7, but they love watching me. There is no way I can afford buying them good cards, they already have their college years spent on Pokemon cards... I don't want them to get stuck thinking they need to play every day either. For now no accounts or decks of their own

I did gift a few reward cards, but nothing worth much at all, and honestly, very few used in matches, with the exception of Highland Archer maybe

I gifted this account a few cards,

  • Rusty Android
  • Highland Archer

I could send back the first two already, and may send them all back after the first season. From there, I will have to see how things work out with this account, and how long I wan to run the experiment. I know I will struggle in a few areas.

  • Summoners
  • All non reward cards

I think I will be in silver for a long time, unless I hit a few rare cards I sell to buy others that are more needed. Only time will tell.


  1. Hobgoblin
  2. Creeping Ooze
  3. Screen Cap below

Daily Reward - 1.13.19

Coming out of the gates HOT!

  • An Epic Phantom Solider - Looks great, but haven't used it yet.
  • Wood Nymph - Huge for using the Earth Splinter
  • A few others I will consider upgrading vs selling, I think after tomorrows dump of the reward cards, they will be worth almost nothing

Season Rewards

I played the crap out of this starer pack, and managed to touch Silver 2... but that was mostly because everyone was quitting against me. I have fallen back down today and will have to wait for tomorrow to see what happens. But it does equal 25 reward cards this go around. I will have to see how it factors into the decreased rewards next season.

That is all - most likely only posting 1-2x a week about the deck and progress update. Tomorrow will be a big day for everyone posting the rewards cards.

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