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Inktank #75


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Here's three recent art posts I've enjoyed. More info on why I'm doing this in my not-yet-written #introduceyourself post.

In the meantime, just know that I'm doing this to both improve my life by learning to better appreciate art and to encourage good visual art here by promoting my 3 recent favorite pieces and sponsoring one of them for a share in #steembasicincome.

🎨 immortal tree , Original Drawing

by @adelepazani

My comment

I really enjoy the tension in the composition and all the little details in shading. It also works well within the context of the pieces you've done along this theme.


by @allangraves

My comment

You wrote that you were aiming for a 70's pinball feel and I think you nailed it. There's something about the style that I can't consciously pinpoint which really makes me want to plonk down some quarters. I can almost hear the clack of the paddles, too. You also did a really great job of evoking Bela without resorting to a simple copy of his likeness.

The Major Arcana IV, "The Emperor"

by @sibr.hus

My comment

I am over the moon with this one. The style and technical quality are what I've come to expect from your work, but I'm very much enjoying the little optical illusion using the trappings of empire to depict decrepitude.

And the favorite is...

This was one of those very hard days where I felt every piece could've been a favorite, if not for the confluence of really good work coming out at the same time. Here, @sibr.hus wins the day for a combination of technical skill, detail, theme, and a really nice visual trick.


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