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How to broadcast live to Steem from an Android Smartphone


2 years agoSteemit3 min read
  1. Install the Wowza GoCoder app from the Google Play Store
  2. Login to dlive
  3. Click Go Live on the top right of the window
  4. Upload a thumbnail
  5. Enter a Title
  6. Choose a category
  7. Enter a Description
  8. add tags
  9. set your language
  10. Open the GoCoder app on your smartphone
  11. Open the Connect To menu (click the funny looking W badge at top right of the screen) sketch-1515912551152.jpg
  12. Select Wowza Streaming Engine and now we will need to copy details from into each of the menu items Host, Application and Login

Here is where it gets a little tricky, the app wants to know the host, application, stream name and login details. These are all in the bottom right Encoder authentication box on but will need a little work to extract. The host and application both come from the SERVER URL, will have something like:


The host would be and the application would be app-3121. The port should already be 1935 (if not set it to that) and the rest of the details match 1:1 (stream name to stream name, username to username and password to password).
Now you need to click Next at the bottom right on, create your Steem post to announce your stream (you can just accept the default text while testing) and then click Post

The next screen you get on controls the stream, you will need to click Start on before you can start broadcasting from your smartphone so click that first and wait for the page to update and tell you to start broadcasting. Once it says you're good to go you should only have to hit the red Record button on the GoCoder app on your smartphone and if you entered in all the details correctly you'll be live!

If you get an error double check the settings in the app (they'll be available in the same spot on as there were above). Personally I use Keep to copy and paste the values between my desktop and my phone because it's so easy to mistype them on the smartphone keyboard.

If you need more help on the dlive side of things @dlive have a great post that can help here (just skip the bits talking about setting up OBS 😝)

Have fun and if you hit any snags just ask in the comments and I'll help out as best I can!


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