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OroCommerce Serbian Latin Translation - Part 5 (~2030 words)


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OroCommerce Repository

Project progress

Nothing special to report this time, except improving several strings for which I thought of a better translation.

A tune for this evening is from a Serbian rock band Neverne Bebe, one of the most famous and the most beautiful one in my opinion (the guitar at the beginning is amazing):

Translated chorus:

I wish you happiness,
wherever you exist,
you, my love,
whom I don't love

Project details

OroCommerce is a B2B (business-to-business) eCommerce, which means that enables electronic transactions between two or more business entities over the internet. This concept was made to improve buying efficiency for companies.

How B2B concept works? Companies are providing components or raw materials to one another via B2B transactions, and when a company has a finished product, the sale of that product to the end customer is performed via B2C (business-to-consumer) transaction. For example, a laptop manufacturer must make several B2B transactions to buy components such as mother boards, processors, graphic cards, memory, etc. in order to make a laptop. Once a company has made a laptop, it makes a single B2C transaction and sells it to the customer.

Contribution details

Translation Overview and Word Count

OroCommerce project contains 20 934 words in total, and I translated approx. 2030 words in this 5th part of the project. So far, I have translated 10 267 words or 49% of the whole project.


The project was written in English, and my assignment was to translate it to Serbian Latin.

Proof of Authorship


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