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Crowdfunding Campaign for Our Weekly Fruits Program || Part 28 ||


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Dear supporters,

This is the last crowdfunding post before we finish our fundraising for the month. Here we would like to share our last weekly fruits program ( 6 September 2018) at @SchoolForSDG4. This week we arranged bananas for the slum kids. It was the exam result announcement week for the kids. So, mothers of the children came to get their children to reward too. They also received bananas after the meeting.


Banana is one of the most favorite fruits for the kids. The price also reasonable during this season. As we had the mothers meeting and meeting with @womenempowerment trainees too, we brought enough bananas for this week.



Al-Amin in the above picture was eating bananas. He was working full-time as a child laborer and we could sponsor him with a monthly donation and brought him to school.

The children are enjoying the fruits program for more than 2 years and steemit community supporting the cause greatly. Due to the price drops, we are afraid we will not able to manage fundraising enough this month. Thus, We will come with a new fundraising goal which will raise fund for every month and each goal will be focused on our monthly expenses excluding the Steem Power.


Here is Rina who is the younger sister of Al-amin. They both come to school regularly now. School is the only hope for her to continue education and achieve the primary education. We can't predict her future, but we can at least be helpful to build her foundation by facilitating the early stage of education.

Watch the Weekly Fruits program short video

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School For SDG4

A School For Social and Educational Development of Underprivileged Children

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