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The ScaredyCat Investor Show: My talk with the CEO of GoFind XR, Manindra Majumdar


3 months agoDSound2 min read

It's web 3.0, it's extended reality, it's the project bringing it to you decentralized!

GoFind XR

This week on the show I had the pleasure of speaking with CEO of Gofind XR - Manindra Majumdar

They are set to become the big player in the extended reality market. A market that is on pace to be worth $209 billion usd.

You name it, they will have it!

XR apps stores, XR browser, XR real estate and a network that offers opportunity to developers, investors and so many others!

But don't let me try to tell you about it - listen to the interview and here if from the source!

P.S. they are steem friendly

Here are some pre token sale deals they have out there:

XR Web + STEEM Deal:

  • 2x PRE-IEO deal STEEM:XR deals

A) Spacial XR : STEEM SWAP deal:

  • 1 STEEM ($0.41) = 10 XRs ($1.50)

B) DIRECT purchase with BONUS on XR portal

  • Get 35% bonus on purchasing XR before IEO with BTC, ETH, Paypal , Credit Cards

You can bonus buy at this link:

Hope you enjoy the episode!

You can find more info on the project along with the whitepaper at

► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)


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