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The children go to the farm


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She was happy for her kids. They loved nature and the countryside very much. So they did not complain about moving to the village. She had decided that the village air was best for her kids. The pollution was stifling the city residents. So, she had decided to buy a farm and move her kids. She also asked her neighbors in the city if they wished to do so. Mrs. Mary and Mr. Robert had agreed and they also bought nearby farmhouses. All three of them were new to the village and were surprised indeed when the villagers had met to give them a warm welcome. The kids were very happy to partake in the welcome party which included a small barn dance too and lots of homemade foods to eat. The villagers were also pleased to meet the kids and invited them over to their houses to meet the farm animals.

The children were very excited the next day because they were going to the nearby farmhouse to see the animals. Mrs. Mary’s daughter and Mr. Robert’s son also joined. All were of the same age. She had asked the local village school about their admission after the term vacation. The headmaster readily agreed and he was also pleased because the school could do with the extra money and some donation too. Mary, Robert and she had agreed to donate an amount to the school as it needed some renovation work, especially the toilets.

The children went to the farmhouse and met the landlady who took them to the stables and then the grazing land where the cows were grazing freely. The sheep were also there and the kids went and had fun with the calves. They were soon called into a large dining room where they were given fresh lemonade, vegetable sandwiches and a fruit cake piece that was freshly baked by the landlady.

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The children had agreed to pay her for her hospitality and did so even though she refused at first. They also bought the fruit cake and some homemade pickles and jams. She was happy that they loved her food. They promised to buy later and went to their respective houses. They promised each other to go to the lakeside the next day as they were really exhausted by then. They also reminded each other to pack picnic lunches.

The holidays were really fun for them now.

The parents were very pleased with the goodies the kids had bought. They also had it during evening tea. The tales of the farm visit enthralled them too. The mother decided to visit the farms nearby. She had planned on hiring farmers because she was a full-time writer and could not spare time nor was she accustomed to farm work.

The next day, the children packed picnic baskets full of canned lemonades, sandwiches, fruit cake slices, pickles, and some bottled water. They then took their cycles and went to the lakeshore and parked their bicycles near a shady spot.

The kids then walked along the shore and admired the scenery. They decided to dip their feet only because they were not sure if there were crocs in the water.

Unknown to them, their parents had asked a nearby farmer to keep a watch on them. He came along and started talking to them. They were glad to meet another farmer and talked to him about his farm and crops. The kids were smart and soon they caught on how to plant various saplings.

The children planned to do it on their respective lands and asked the farmer to help them when he could. He was pleased with their interest and urged them. They then invited him to share their picnic lunch. He went along and also gave them his share of food which was Indian bread and cauliflower curry and just delicious. They all lay down on the grass and went back after the afternoon sun dimmed down a bit. They said goodbye to the farmer and cycled back.

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The children soon started their own vegetable garden and asked nearby farmers to help them. The farmers were glad and they soon had a good harvest. Time passed and the school reopened. They were excited to join the new village school. The headmaster introduced them to the other children in the morning assembly. The children welcomed them and they were praised by the teachers for their work on the farmlands. The children felt happy and started studies. The syllabus was easier compared to the city and the school gave classes for learning yoga, martial arts, music, arts, crafts, skills like plumbing and electrician apprentice learning because one had to know such work while in the village. Life was more relaxed in the village according to their parents and them. They had learned a lot more things than from their city life.

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The local farmers appreciated the city people and they met often for local parties hosted by them. They also exchanged homemade products. The city dwellers had now become proper villagers. They also brought their relatives and friends along and invited many to start their own farms. They thought that if people invested money and time in agriculture, the land and the people would benefit. This idea was welcomed by their dear ones and they obeyed. Thus they had helped spread awareness about agriculture and its importance in society.

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