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Would Shrinking Our Bodies Solve Our Earthly Problems?


4 months agoBusy2 min read


It is glaringly clear that the human race is plagued with problems. A lot of them. So huge that one's mind starts to hurt when one tries to think of solutions. We have built our human civilisation in a way that is chaotic and fosters further chaos which leads to much of our problems.

There is poverty, lack of education, lack of even basic needs like food, water and shelter, lack of medical facilities, global warming, climate change, over-exploitation of resources, overpopulation, warfare, and these form just the tip of the ice berg.

I don't know when or even if these problems will be mitigated but one thing is for sure, we humans are the only species that is having a negative impact on the very planet we live on. Yes, we have our own problems but these have extended to harming the planet itself.

I was recently watching a movie relating to this, called Downsizing, starring Matt Damon and it had a really interesting, sci-fi idea of shrinking human beings to a size of a pen. Yeah, literally shrinking our bodies like in the movie Antman.

Going Small, Solving Problems?


The idea here is that if we are that small, we would require much less resources to live. Think about it, everything we would need would be small. Small houses, small cars, small amounts of food, a lot less energy, and so on.

It would greatly reduce our demand for everything and hence, the pressure on the resources of the planet and our impact on it, would be greatly reduced. It's a weird idea to even imagine, but in theory, it could work. Our footprint on the planet would be a fraction of what it is today.

Of course, any such change on a global level would be catastrophic at first because the old system would crumble and humanity is not intelligent enough to transition from one system to another in a peaceful and organised manner. So, it could also end up destroying everything actually, which would be good for the planet at least!

Anyways, the idea is not that crazy and it might be that highly advanced civilisations in the universe could have implemented this and that may be the reason we haven't been able to detect them. Maybe small is the way to go!


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