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Would An Extraterrestrial Threat Unify Earthlings?


7 months agoBusy2 min read


The growing geopolitical tensions among some of the largest nations in the world may sound really alarming at times, especially when the mainstream media presents it in a way that makes you think that a world war is imminent!

If it's not large countries fighting each other, its individuals and that too over petty differences. We like to call ourselves intelligent beings but we certainly don't behave that way, do we?

It seems like conflict is a part of human nature and it very well might be. After all, we are still mostly ruled by our basic primal instincts. Maybe we haven't evolved as much as we would like to believe and be proud of.

What would it take for everyone on the planet to unite? Beyond nationalities, religions, race or any of the other infinite number of things, we have divided ourselves over? It might sound crazy but I think an extraterrestrial threat ought to do it!

A Threat From Above

We have all seen countless movies covering this topic and while they mostly show how we manage to survive from the viewpoint of a protagonist, they also tend to miss portraying how the world can come together in the face of a crisis and the aftermath of it all.

When there are threats that are much bigger than what we usually fight over, it's natural for us to unite and face it together. And what bigger threat could there be than a malevolent alien race that is far superior to ours.

Governments of the world would quickly do away with any and all sorts of prejudices and notions of differences and every country in the world would pull their resources together to fight off the little grey men from outer space.

Although chances of survival in such a case would be next to zero, I would like to believe that in the rare event that we do manage to survive, the world would have learned a valuable lesson and we would finally get our act together and be humans, once and for all.


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