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What Will It Take For The Human Race To Live Peacefully?


28 days ago2 min read


The sorry state of the world suffices to bring down even the most optimistic of people. How could one have a positive outlook on the future with everything that is happening currently?

If history is any indication, it can be said with certainty that we humans just can't live in peace and harmony. I mean, there is always some or the other conflict going around in the world. Sometimes it is between two or more countries and sometimes it is within a country.

What is it about us that we can't figure out how to just chill for a second and live peacefully? Why do we have to resort to our most basic animal instincts and behave as if "eat or get eaten" still rules our lives as it does in the forest?

The bigger question though is what it will take to finally open our eyes. Is it even possible? There are hardly a couple of scenarios that come to mind that might make it possible.

In The Face of Extinction

As shown in a handful of movies, I think it is when we will be staring at our own extinction that we will finally realize that we are one species. In the face of death, all differences disappear into thin air.

There is something about a common threat that just brings people together like nothing else. And no, the current coronavirus pandemic doesn't count as it is more of a distributed threat rather than just a single point threat.

I am talking about something like a huge asteroid that was about to strike Earth with the potential to wipe us all out. Or maybe even an alien species trying to invade us. It is then that we might come together to face our fates with everything that we have got. The way it should be.

Even thinking about this feels ridiculous. Do we have to be on the brink of extinction for us to come to our senses? What does that say about us as a species?


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