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Hooters Girl travels to the 5th Dimension

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Macey Tomlin and I sit down to discuss the upcoming ARCHAWAKEN this February in Acapulco...
(Use code "Sasha" for 25% off tickets!

But we cover so much more! For example:
Plant medicine awakening
The Infinity Game
Are we people? Do you believe you're a person?
Why there is no true death
Integrity and our consciousness
Self hatred, screwing over and hurting yourself
Why this is the time to get in to alignment
Slapped in the face by ayahuasca
Should you wake up your friends and all of society?
Pain, compassion & ceremonies
1st annual Conscious Conference
Why to be there on February 13th
Bringing people to shamans
How we're led by God
Ayahuasca and ants in a hotel conference room
And much more in this packed interview

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