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The wonderful and mysterious archeology on the island of Sardinia (Italy).


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The island of Sardinia (Italy) is famous for its fantastic sea but also its archaeological heritage is exceptional and unique in the world. I live in Sardinia and I can say that we are very proud of that our ancient civilization!
Only in Sardinia you can see, scattered throughout its territory, the buildings nuragic, witnesses of an ancient culture full of charm and mystery.

Sardinia (Italy).Photo by [email protected]

The Nuraghe is a imposing building with civil-military function, built from dry stones, the rooms of which were covered with tholos, constructed between the Middle Bronze Age and the Early Iron Age, more than 3000 years ago!
More than 8,000 Nuraghi scattered throughout the island and their presence strongly characterizes the island's landscape.
The Nuraghe can be either single tower or complex structures with adjacent ruins of a village of circular huts.
Many of these Nuraghi course are partially destroyed or partially covered by vegetation but you can visit different around the island in the main and most important archaeological sites on the island.

Sardinia (Italy).Photo by [email protected]

The Nuragic Complex of Barumini is the most important archaeological site on the Island of Sardinia (in the Province of Cagliari).
Named a UNESCO World Heritage Site, “Su Nuraxi” di Barumini is the most complete and best-preserved exemplar of the Nuraghi; it is also evidence to the capacity for innovation and imagination of those that built it, in terms of the types of materials and techniques available at the time.

Sardinia (Italy). Barumini.Photo by [email protected]

Sardinia (Italy). Barumini.Photo by [email protected]

The “Nuraghe Arrubiu” rises on a basaltic plateau in the Sarcidano plain,in the territory of Orroli. It was called “the red giant” because is the biggest nuraghe of the island and is characterised by the presence of red lichens. The nuraghe Arrubiu, which dates back to the 14th century BC, was abandoned in the 10th- 8th century BC because of the destruction of the upper part of the bastion.

Sardinia (Italy). “Nuraghe Arrubiu" Photo by [email protected]
Nuraghe arrubiu.JPG

Sardinia (Italy). “Nuraghe Arrubiu" Photo by [email protected]

The Nuraghe Losa, which is located in Abbasanta campaigns built in basalt rock, is one of the best preserved. Whole nuragic complex, including the village, is surrounded by massive walls. And very impressive to get inside these ancient structures ..
Sardinia (Italy). “Nuraghe Losa" Photo by [email protected]


Nuraghe Santu Antine Torralba (SS) is one of the most impressive and absolutely fine: high more than 17 meters had to come, originally, at least 20 meters. It is located in an area called the Valley of the Nuraghi because of the widespread presence of Nuraghi.

These are just some of the famous Nuraghi and visited but are so many Nuraghi that you can see through this beautiful island of Sardinia.
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