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Your Fears; Your Enemy


7 months agoeSteem3 min read

Fear is nothing more than a representation of an evidence that does not exist in the first place, but only appears to be real. And one of the major aims of fear is to distract you from the pursuit of your purpose, and to present oppositions on your pathway to success.


Not until you do what you fear the most, your fears might not stop tormenting you. And fear can actually grow when you feed it - and on way to feed it is by refusing to take risks. Life in its entirety is made up of risks, and not taking these risks can be considered as fear, and that is when the main risk comes into play.

The humorous part of it is; people are always victims of what they fear the most. Story was told of a guy; Henry; who was so afraid of dying by freezing. The fears began to grow so much in him that he would always avoid anything that is cold. After he finished from College, he got a job with a manufacturing company.

The custom of the company is that; each morning when staff come to work, they would change their cloths into the work uniform, and would keep their personal belongings inside a room at the base of the building. It was later that Henry got to know that the room that they normally keep their personal belongings used to be a cold-room, but was now abandoned before it was not functioning again.

When Henry got to know about the cold-room, his fears came back strong. And he began to think "what if I enter this room and it locks, and I freeze inside this room?" Everyday, he would have this thoughts and his fears was increasing.

One day, as he entered the room, out of panic, his leg hit the door and it triggered the locks and it got shut. And the only way to get the door opened was through the outside.

Before rescue would come, he was already dead. And when autopsy was run on him, it was discovered that he actually froze to death. But how humorous, the room was not even on, and it was not even connected to any power source, but his fears created something that does not exist - that is what fear can do. If you do not stop your fears, they might stop you one day.

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