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The Lessons You Learn

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Does history really teach lessons? It has been a known fact that we learn everyday, but how do we learn, and which instructional materials are available to us? No doubt, you could learn from people and also from experience, but the question is; do you necessarily have to experience a thing first-hand to learn something new?


There some pieces of knowledge that could be passed on through your collection of experience, but personal experience does not alway work out fine in everything. Okay let's look at this scenario: How would you know that drinking a toxic substance might get you killed? Have you had a personal experience of it before? Well, this where other people's experiences come into play.

There are things you do not need to experience to gain knowledge about. Learning from mistakes is very good, but it is better to learn from someone else's mistakes. There are some very costly mistakes that your could never have the opportunity to learn from - that is why you do not have to experience everything to learn from them.

The experiences that might have taken someone a huge number of years to accumulate can be passed on to you in a matter of days; if not hours - so why do you still need to spend almost the same number of years doing your own trial and error?

Also, sometimes, you should listen to your guts and instincts; because they do speak, and they might also have some lessons to pass on. But sometimes, our senses of judgement might be beclouded by sentiments and it would appear like our instincts do not speak much these days.

So guys, whatever you do, and everyday of your life, there is something you must not fail to do - do not fail to learn something new.

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