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Accepting Challenges

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The measure of a man's inner strength is not a function of his attitude at his moment of convenience but it is a function of his attitude when he is faced with heavy challenges. Tough men are not made by comfort but by tough challenges.

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Accepting challenges is the first step to prove one's maturity. It is the responsibilities you take that make you mature, not the number of years you have lived. As a matter of fact, challenges and responsibilities will always meet you as long as you are alive, so you have to accept them as they come. Refusing to accept challenges is to start dying.

No matter how you run away from challenges, it will not get them solved. The only way to overcome them is to run towards them and confront them. Remember, it is only your confrontation that establishes your victory.

One major thing to fight while faced with challenges is fear. Many people fall victim of fear more than they fall victim of challenges. Once fear overcome the person, then the challenges have overwhelmed them.

Fear, most times, is only formed in your imagination, and the only purpose it has is to stop you from making advancements. Not until you have confronted your fear, you may not effectively confront your challenges.

Remember this, fear and confidence do not walk together, and for you to get something done, there must be the confidence within you that you can do that thing. If fear replaces your confidence, then your optimism will suffer a major shipwreck.

Whatever you set your eyes to do, try not to look at any conflicting information that will place fear in your heart and hinder you from the progress you want to make, just make the move and you will be glad that you did.

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